P5 Parking

HELSINKI-VANTAA, FINLAND 3000 is the total number of parking spaces added to the P5 parking at the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport in 2016. P5 can now hold 4500 vehicles, bringing the total number of available parking spaces at the airport complex to 13000. This makes the airport’s parking facilities the largest in Finland With considerations to […]

Boman El

NORRKÖPING, SWEDEN The parking house at Nya torget in central Norrköping was inaugurated in the autumn of 2017. The underground facility has 150 parking spots, 10 of which are set up for electric car charging. Greenlux, together with Boman El have delivered and installed 170 pcs. of the 41 W, GLE1570 fixtures. The lighting at […]

Columbus Mall Parking

HELSINKI, FINLAND In 2013, Greenlux Finland helped Citycon Group in their transition of the parking house at Columbus Mall in Vuosaari towards LED general lighting. The two indoor sections of the parking house have a 560 parking space capacity, and a car wash facility. The illuminance measurements on their installations averaged around 90 lx, with […]

Hyllie 2 Parking Garage

MALMÖ, SWEDEN In 2016 when Hyllie 2 parking garage was built, Greenlux provided the right kind of lighting with 485 GLE luminaires.

Hansa Shopping Mall

MALMÖ, SWEDEN Hansa kompaniet, one of the oldest shopping malls in Malmö, Sweden was renovated during 2017-2018. The garage received new lighting along with a fresh coat of paint. The right lighting brought great added value where many customers today choose to park in the illuminated parking garage. Through the lighting we achieved increased security.

Trio Shopping Mall

LAHTI, FINLAND Trio shopping center in Lahti is the largest of its kind in the Päijät-Häme region of Finland. A family-friendly gathering spot, the mall was renovated between 2013 and 2014. Greenlux became Trio mall’s trusted supplier for high quality lighting in the parking facility and public areas. The project furthered Greenlux’s partnership with Citycon […]

Q-Park Louhi

TURKU, FINLAND The Louhi parking hall in Turku was constructed in 2001. The parking hall is divided into two floors that both have 300 parking spaces making the total capacity up to 600. The driving tunnel to the underground parking areas is around 350 m long. The parking facility was renovated in early 2019. The […]

Stockholm Parking

The lighting of Norra Real parking house located in Stockholm city center has been updated using latest LED luminaire technology by Greenlux Finland Oy. The parking facility has a total of 176 parking spaces. Existing 2 x 58 W standard fluorescent luminaires on second parking level were replaced using Greenlux’s energy-efficient and quickly installable GFE1580 […]


Greenlux has delivered energy-efficient LED lighting to Kallioparkki civil protection shelter in Tampere. The shelter is actively used by local residents and provides parking facilities for three hundred vehicles. The old fluorescent tube fixtures were replaced with Greenlux GFE luminaires. Novasähkö Oy was responsible for the contract work and luminaire installation. ”The luminaires were delivered […]