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Boman El


The parking house at Nya torget in central Norrköping was inaugurated in the autumn of 2017. The underground facility has 150 parking spots, 10 of which are set up for electric car charging. Greenlux, together with Boman El have delivered and installed 170 pcs. of the 41 W, GLE1570 fixtures.

The lighting at Vårdtornet parking house is another installation in Norrköping that was completed in autumn 2017. The installation of 455 pcs. GLE1255’s is another successful partnership between Greenlux and Boman El.

“We at Boman El are very pleased with Greenlux products. There are many suppliers on the market but Greenlux has very high quality and excellent support“, says CEO and owner Mikael Boman.

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