Greenlux Lighting Solutions Ltd.

LED luminaires designed and manufactured in Finland for general and horticulture lighting market.

Our Brands

Valoya is known as research driven horticultural LED lighting solutions provider. Our patented, broad spectra optimize plant growth in crop science, crop production (Greenhouse, CEA, medicinal plants and vertical farming) and other (Algae etc.). With 600+ plant trials on 300+ plant species, we are the knowledge leader of the industry. Valoya has subsidiaries in the USA and India to serve the markets in those respective countries. Find out more about our horticultural lights.

GreenluxLight is a pioneer in advanced general lighting LED solutions in the Nordics. GreenluxLight fixtures are designed and manufactured in Finland to give the core Nordic touch and design. With a strong track record for lighting in retail shops, parking garages, warehouses, and industrial applications, GreenluxLight has been the preferred choice for these applications across the Nordics since 2007.

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About us

Building on excellence since 2007, we are committed to driving innovation that helps advance the LED industry toward a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

We are a high-quality LED luminaire designer and manufacturer based in Finland. With deep-rooted Nordic values, we aim to provide premium quality, sustainable, and technologically advanced LED luminaires. We currently have two brands under our company, Valoya and GreenluxLight, focusing on horticultural and general lighting market segments, respectively. Valoya helps growers and researchers worldwide to improve plant cultivation with premium quality horticultural LED lighting through our industry’s leading plant biology research and development. GreenluxLight creates energy savings for customers worldwide with its energy-efficient general lighting solutions. Both brands offer carefully engineered, high-end LED fixtures suitable for small- and large-scale installations with a competitive return on investment.

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