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About us

With deep roots in Finland, we are a diverse company with employees from more than 10 nationalities and customers from 50+ countries.

Greenlux Lighting Solutions Ltd.

Greenlux Lighting Solutions Ltd., established in 2022 with the merger of Greenlux Finland Oy and Valoya Oy, brings together the best of both LED lighting companies. The shared vision to provide high-quality, innovative, and sustainable lighting solutions resulted in the union of the companies.

We are a stronger unit with shared competencies accumulated over a decade, a broad product range, and a better customer service and supply chain.

Stronger Together - Greenlux Lighting Solutions Ltd.

Our History


Company founded


First commercial delivery


To fulfill the high demand, mass production began in Asia.


Production started in India


50% acquisition of eAge Electronics Pvt. Ltd.


Valoya and Greenlux merged


Investing in in-house production in Finland
eAge became 100% part of Greenlux Lighting Solutions Ltd.


Greenlux Lighting Solutions Ltd.


Valoya Inc established to acquire American market.


Company founded


First US patent grant


Customers in 50+ countries


More than 100 patents granted for Valoya Spectra

Our Brands

Valoya Oy founded in 2009 provides high-end, energy-efficient LED grow lights for crop science, crop production (greenhouse, CEA, medicinal plants and vertical farming) and other (algae etc.). Valoya LED grow lights have been developed using Valoya’s proprietary LED technology and extensive plant photobiology research. Valoya’s customer base includes numerous vertical farms, greenhouses, and research institutions worldwide (including 8 out of 10 world’s largest agricultural companies).

Greenlux Finland Oy founded in 2007 is a pioneer in advanced LED lighting solutions in the Nordics. The company’s strengths are high technical knowledge and flexible customer-oriented project planning. GreenluxLight designs and manufactures luminaires in Finland, which provides high-quality customer service and quick reaction time to projects. Greenlux’s Indian subsidiary, eAge Electronics Pvt. Ltd, operates for customers in the growing markets of Asia and the Middle East.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design, manufacture and sell high quality and highly efficient intelligent lighting solutions for general lighting, crop science and crop production purposes.

Our Vision

Our vision is upmost excellency in customer satisfaction.

Our Values

Our Values are deeply rooted within our culture. They guide us on our behavior, our daily routines and interactions towards our colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers and society. The values defined by Greenlux helps us understand how we want to conduct business and behave.



Respect, honesty and communication is a key to success. We create an environment where there are no barriers because of culture, ethnicity, race or any background. Everyone belongs together.



We believe in encouraging everyone to express their opinions and ideas as openly as possible. There is no concept as ‘stupid’ idea in the company, we strive to try new ideas and are not afraid of failure. We utilize new technology and processes in our designing, production and manufacturing.



Greenlux has initiated many steps towards a sustainable future and would like to continue doing its part for a resource efficient LED industry. We optimize raw materials through recycling and reuse. For a more sustainable operations, Greenlux now has a production and assembly line in-house in Finland.

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