Greenlux Finland Ltd.

We design and manufacture high-quality, energy-efficient LED luminaires for general lighting.

We offer flexible customer-specific service in general lighting projects. Our lighting solutions are meant for industrial facilities, parking houses and storages. In addition, we have solutions for retail, office and other public spaces.

We work closely with our partners to provide some of the latest technologies in lighting, such as smart lighting and a highly customizable lighting systems that create the right light –Greenlux Light– for different purposes.

We have unique references as well as big international key customers. Greenlux delivers luminaires mainly under its own brand. Another area of expertise we are proud of, is providing Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services to our partners and clients; an area in which we have a proven track record.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our customers and help them reach their goals in terms of energy efficiency as well as sustainability. We wish to offer our customers outstanding lighting solutions with a prompt pay-off time for investments.

Our Vision

Greenlux Finland Ltd. aims be the strongest player and most coveted partner in lighting solutions for public spaces.

Our Values

Innovation, Reliability, Quality, Safety and Efficiency

Sustainability and the meaning of sustainable light

We are a proud member of Cleantech Finland, an organization for promotion of environmental awareness and eco-friendly businesses. We wish to help build a better world for future generations. Together we can achieve both goals. At Greenlux Finland Ltd. we want to contribute to solving environmental issues by providing high-quality, environmental and energy-efficient LED-luminaires that in return provide our customers with great cost-savings and the right light – Greenlux Light. The importance of the quality of light in different spaces is an integral part of our mission. The right light – Greenlux Light – means that the lighting is intended for that specific application and it promotes wellbeing.

Together we create a brighter and a more sustainable world.

The past, the present and the future

Greenlux Finland Ltd. was established in 2007 in Helsinki, Finland. We have exclusively been pioneering LED lighting solutions since the beginning of LED technology emerging in lighting applications. Our most important strength is the technological expertise our employees have acquired over the 10 years of working with innovative technology and sustainable lighting solutions.

In 2009 we proved ourselves as the first and strongest player in the Nordic region when we successfully supplied luminaires for the parking houses at Arlanda airport complex in Stockholm, Sweden. This was the first large scale installation of LED-based general lighting in the Nordic countries.

Greenlux Finland Ltd. supplies and delivers products to various locations around the world. Our luminaires are currently lighting up facilities in Asia, Europe and Russia.

As a continuation of our international success, Greenlux was acquired in 2014 by a German based investment company, LVS-Capital Gmbh, who remains the main shareholder to this day.

In 2017 we moved our subcontracted international manufacturing to New Delhi, India. Our manufacturer, eAge Electronics Pvt. Ltd. focuses on the production of LED luminaires. Great cooperation led to the shared ownership of eAge Electronics Pvt. Ltd. in 2018. Having an independent subsidiary in India opened the opportunity for us to enter India’s rapidly expanding LED market. Currently eAge Electronics Pvt. Ltd. has ongoing lighting projects and their operations target the Asian and Indian market with several product lines.

In 2019 we are starting our own production in our new facilities in Espoo, Finland. Targeting the European market, the new production will enable us to reduce our carbon footprint and provide faster, more environmentally-friendly shipping to customers. In addition, Greenlux Finland Ltd.’s own production in the same premises as the office will provide customers a more efficient and seamless service process.

All this we have achieved with desire and capability to expand even further. Greenlux Finland Ltd. is continuing a line of growth in markets and products powered by the trust of its valued customers and the desire to make a difference.

Future Proof Lighting – Light, Quality and Economy

We invite you to enjoy Greenlux Light!