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Leasing Service Model

Greenlux Lighting Solutions, in cooperation with Siemens Financial Services, introduces a new leasing model, which represents a significant step forward in our efforts to make sustainable lighting more accessible and affordable.  

Leasing Service Model

At Greenlux Lighting Solutions, we are dedicated to illuminating your space with premium quality lighting solutions crafted in Finland. We understand the importance of good lighting not only for energy efficiency but also for enhancing the well-being of individuals and creating a welcoming ambiance for your facility.

In line with our commitment to supporting businesses like yours, we are excited to introduce our leasing service model in cooperation with Siemens Financial Services. The leasing model is currently in use in Finland for general and horticultural lighting and will soon be activated in other parts of Europe. This innovative approach allows you to access our top-of-the-line fixtures for the duration of your need, all while carefully managing your budget.

With our leasing program, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Financial Flexibility

Say goodbye to large upfront costs. Our leasing option enables you to spread the expense of lighting fixtures over time, making it easier to plan your budget effectively.

Premium Quality

Experience the difference of premium quality lighting designed and manufactured in Finland. Our fixtures are meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, ensuring optimal lighting conditions for your facility.

Enhanced Environment

Good quality lighting goes beyond energy efficiency. It positively impacts the people working within your facility and enhances the overall appearance and ambiance of the space. With Greenlux Lighting Solutions, you can create an environment that promotes productivity, comfort, and well-being.

Partner with us and discover how our leasing service model can transform your lighting experience. Elevate your space with the perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

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