The Swedish Maritime Administration is upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting together with Finnish company Greenlux.

The Swedish Maritime Administration has five icebreakers of its own, Ale, Atle, Frej, Oden and Ymer. The plant’s work vessels Baltica and Scandica also have icebreaker capabilities.

As part of reducing energy consumption on vessels that produce their own electricity during the active icebreaking season, the Swedish Maritime Administration together with Viking Supply Ships (manager) made plans to change most of the lighting on board to presence-controlled energy-efficient LED lighting. Following the procurement, Greenlux was awarded the contract, a company that has been in the LED market since 2007.

First out, for evaluation, was the icebreaker YMER where about 550 existing fluorescent luminaires were replaced with LED luminaires. Most of the luminaires have the wireless ActiveAhead control from Helvar Ltd, which means greater energy savings as it learns how individuals move on board and extinguishes and turns on and dims down automatically.

“According to comprehensive tests, the conversion gives an energy saving of 94% compared to the previous lighting. Also you can experience that you have a better lighting onboard”, says Magnus Byström, on-board technical manager.