Project Description

The Swedish Maritime Administration continues to upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting together with Greenluxlight.

The Swedish Maritime Administration has five icebreakers of its own, Ale, Atle, Frej, Oden and Ymer.

The plant’s work vessels Baltica and Scandica also have icebreaker capabilities. In addition, the Swedish Maritime Administration conducts collaborations primarily with Finland but also internationally to ensure efficient use of available resources.

As part of reducing energy consumption on vessels that produce their own electricity during the active icebreaking season, the Manager (Viking supply ships) together with the Swedish Maritime Administration have decided to change most of the lighting on board to presence-controlled energy-efficient LED lighting together with the Finnish company Greenluxlight.

“With the large energy savings on the ice breaker YMER, we now continue to upgrade ATLE. We are very pleased with the results we have achieved at YMER and look forward to continued results at ATLE together with Greenluxlight.”

The successful installation of Greenlux LED-lighting at ATLE took place in August 2021.

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