Project Description

ICA Maxi Köping and the merchant Peter Danielsson chose Greenlux as a supplier for their major upgrade to energy-efficient store lighting as well as warehouses, refrigerators / freezers, office changing rooms, etc.

Old fluorescent luminaires were replaced with the latest LED luminaires from Greenlux.

Greenlux energy efficient GLL1660 luminaire with 34 W energy consumption enables substantial energy savings for the store. The luminaires were delivered with connection cables and mounting wings for easy installation. With these functions, luminaires easily fit into the existing suspended ceiling system.

In addition to this, Greenlux manufactured a special luminaire that fit in the ceiling that has the dimension 2400×2400 mm.

Installed luminaires are: GLL1660 34 W in the store area, GLA1255 33 W in the warehouse, fridge / freezer, GLP6060 in the office and bakery and the delicacy department.

Also new spotlights were installed in the store at, among other things, fruit & vegetables department.

More that 1,000 luminaires have been replaced with energy-efficient LED lighting.

The merchant Peter Danielsson and his staff are very satisfied and are already looking forward to seeing the electricity bill after the change, where they expect substantial savings.

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