Project Description

EJOT SVERIGE AB located in Örebro has chosen LED lighting from Greenlux for their warehouse.

A BRIGHT idea!

Major investment in the environment and sustainability is one of the reasons why they have chosen Greenlux for their LED replacement.

Earlier in the warehouse, a total of 180 2x58w fluorescent luminaires hung with a total consumption of about 130w. EJOT has now reduced the number of luminaires to 64 by installing Greenlux GLA at 138w.

This results in great energy savings and a better light, which the staff also experiences and certifies.

The previous consumption = 23,400kW / h
The new consumption with LED from Greenlux = 8 832kW / h

Kenth Wedén (Manager Financial & Controlling) and Josefin Jönsson (Marketing) are very satisfied with the large energy savings of 62%.

Their comments are as follows:

“The end result is great. We have reduced the number from 180 luminaires down to 64 LED luminaires. It will be an incredibly large energy saving and that we have got brighter and fresher out of the warehouse.

This is also a large part of our sustainability policy and we work actively to improve it as much as possible. The change to LED from Greenlux helps us a lot along the way. We are very pleased with the choice of Greenlux as a supplier of our new LED lighting!”

EJOT manufactures high-quality fasteners adapted for the construction industry.

They offer a wide range of innovative fasteners and components for sectors such as the automotive industry, electrical engineering, and telecom technology. Their “intelligent” products guarantee excellent quality and reduce system costs for fasteners.

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