Project Description

Båtaffären, which is located just outside Norrköping (Åby), sells, and mediates motorboats and sailboats and is a reseller of MICORE quality boats manufactured in Lidköping and Ockelbo Aluminium Boats to Last.

During autumn 2020, it was decided to upgrade the lighting of the entire boat exhibition hall. The old fluorescent luminaires (45 pcs.) 2 x 58 W were replaced by 45 pcs. of energy efficient Greenlux GLA1585 (50 W) luminaires.

Owner Fredrik Östberg is very pleased to have received better light and that the energy savings (about 65–70%) are so substantial. Most important, the customers experience the boat hall much brighter and more welcome.

Welcome to contact Fredrik for more info or for a good boat deal at fredrik@bå