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LKP Mobilitetshus

Greenlux delivers the new 25 W GFE1240 luminaire to LKP AB’s new multifunctional mobility building at Medicon Village in Lund. The building is planned to be ready by the summer of 2022.
The installation is to be conducted by Climat 80 Entreprenad.

Greenlux, which has been on the market since 2007, has supplied luminaires to multiple parking facilities around Sweden and the rest of Europe.

The mobility building at Medicon Village in Lund will be one of the first mobility houses to have the energy-efficient new series of GFE1240 at 25w with Dali control for maximum energy-efficiency and is the 4th generation of Greenlux IP65 rated luminaires.

The luminaire is adapted for quick installation as the it does not have to be opened for electric connection. Everything is done from the outside with quick connections.

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A mobility building differentiates from a traditional parking garage by multifunctionality and transformability and providing more than mere parking. LKP-building will include 7 + 1 floors with about 600 parking spaces, of which 60 will be equipped with charging stations.

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