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ICA Nära Strömmen Norrköping

ICA Nära Strömmen in Norrköping has chosen Greenlux as the provider of light.

The ICA store is getting renewed and expanded. Using Greenlux’s panel series (GLP) fixture GLP6060 in 3000 kelvins, the store gets a pleasant, glare-free light.

“We are growing so fast, it is cracking! Therefore, it feels extra good that we can finally release the news that we are now starting our work on expanding and renewing the store. We have planned for a long time to be able to take ICA Strömmen into the future and to make the store the best for our customers.

Wider corridors, more checkouts, a new entrance area, and a better offering are just some of the upgrades to experience in the new store, which will be ready by the end of the summer! In addition, we installed better energy-efficient lighting in the store that comes from Greenlux in collaboration with Boman El in Norrköping.

A very good and pleasant light!” says the merchant, Christian Hagman.

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