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ICA Maxi Hälla Västerås

CA Maxi Hälla in Västerås is the 4th Maxi store we have supplied our energy-efficient LED lighting!

The store has had LED luminaires installed previously at 71w. With their new approach to invest heavily in energy saving, they have replaced it with our GLL 1660 at 34 W which results in an energy saving of 52%.

We have delivered a total of 950 GLL1660 with colour temperature 3000K to the entire store area.

ICA Maxi Hälla chose us as a supplier after 3 days of testing fixtures in the store.

“We are very satisfied with the result, and we feel that the Greenlux luminaires are very good.The light in the store will be better at the same time as we lower our energy consumption”,

– Daniel Holmgren, ICA Maxi Hälla.

“This is a very fun project, and we thank Daniel and ICA Maxi Hälla for their trust”,

– Sales Manager Philip Bichis at Greenlux Lighting Solutions.

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