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Bollnäs Bandy Hall

Greenlux Light delivers energy-efficient LED lighting to the project.

We are proud that Blue Thor AB responsible for the electrical installation of the new Bollnäs Bandyhall has chosen Greenlux as the lighting supplier for the arena.

The ice rink will be equipped with Greenlux GLH3830-Dali linear high bay, corridors, staircases, technical areas, referee room, press stands, communication areas, technology room, laundry and shower areas will be lit by new GFE-series linear luminaire.

Our new GFE-series linear luminaire will be installed in corridors, staircases, technical areas, referee room and press stands,

Greenlux GLP6635-Dali panel is to be installed for lobby, media areas, TV studio and staff rooms as well as dressing rooms and skate sharpening facilities.

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Bollnäs Bandyhall – general information
Client SBB / Bollnäs Bandyfastigheter AB.
Year 2021–2022.
Contract: Turnkey contract.
Scope: 12,700 m2 + 1,190 m2 (BTA)
Contract amount: approx. SEK 133 million.
City: Bollnäs, Sweden

The contract covers the construction of an indoor arena for bandy, with associated administration and changing rooms for bandy at an elite level.

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