GLP series panel luminaires are excellent solutions for offices, shops and schools, for example. These panel luminaires are perfectly suited for modular ceilings, but are equally suitable for surface or hanging installations. Available with different control options and low UGR version. Greenlux’s GLP luminaires make it easy to create comfortable and energy efficient lighting. As proof of quality, the GLP series has a 5-year Greenlux warranty.

Products in this series

ProductLuminous FluxPowerLuminous EffectCCTCRIDimmingLight Distribution
GLP6060D2840A3500 lm27 W130 lm/W4000 K> 80DALIWide
GLP6060N2840A3500 lm27 W130 lm/W4000 K> 80on/offWide
GLP6060D2840B3500 lm27 W130 lm/W4000 K> 80DALILow UGR
GLP6060D2840B3500 lm27 W130 lm/W4000 K> 80on/offLow UGR