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LED At Its Most Advanced

The fast development of the LED technology has enabled the creation of sophisticated lighting systems for the most demanding research applications. LightDNA® is a high-end product line of Valoya’s LEDs grow lights. The purpose of the LightDNA® products and solutions is the delivery of accurate natural outdoor light conditions to indoor growing environments. Outdoor light is by default changing all the time with regards to light spectrum, intensity and photoperiod. LightDNA® captures these dynamic features with precision.

The LightDNA 2-channel light combines Valoya’s patented NS1 spectrum, a close replica of sunlight, with an additional far red spectrum enabling replication of dawn and dusk light conditions.

*Technical Specifications Subject to Change
BX1201200 mm / 47.2″4,1 kg / 9.0 lb
BX1801800 mm / 70.8″ 5,4 kg / 11.9 lb
All Models
All Models
Spectra availableLight efficacy
Valoya’s NS1 + Far-Red.

CE Marked

RoHS Compliant

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