Welcome to our new online home. A website designed from the ground up based on the feedback we receive from valued visitors like you. 

Here at Greenlux we are always looking to improve. We strive to get closer to our customers, listen to their feedback and deliver what best suits their demands. In addition to investing in new markets and expanding our production, we have elected to freshen up the way we present ourselves. Our new identity shall bring forward our care for people, and our focus on light and sustainability. Our new website shall be a new window towards us and what we do.

The website is now easier to navigate with a clearer information layout. It is more mobile-friendly and fully featured in three languages: Finnish, English and Swedish. It highlights our stories with our partners since our beginnings in 2007; and as time progresses, we look forward to adding many more. We aim to be more approachable and more in touch with our existing and potential customers. We are taking the steps, we are moving closer towards this goal.

A new address, a new identity, a new website; it’s Greenlux in new light. Greenlux Light.